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Abstract submission & Templates

par Béatrice Desoudin - 6 septembre 2015

Please use only the browsers indicated below :

Safari 6.x et Safari 7.x, Internet Explorer 9.x et 10.x, Chrome 21.x

Authors wishing to present a talk or a poster could provide a three pages summary beforehand. The summaries will be collected and handed out to all participants upon arrival at the conference. Proceedings as those which have been published for previous GDR Colloquia will now be replaced by extended summaries. A three-page summary might be a nice compromise.

From the authors point of view, this can be seen not as an abstract, but as a short paper, including figures and references, details about the computations, the experimental devices and the results.

From the GDRE point of view, extended abstracts seem to be a good tool to support discussions and to make everybody know, before and after the talks, the content of everybody’s works.

The collection of abstracts will be given to participants at the opening of the conference. All the abstracts should be written using strictly the template provided on the web site, either for Latex file or Word file.

Upload the templates :

Word - 67 ko
Template Word-GDR
Zip - 43.8 ko
Template Latex

Deadline for submission of three-pages maximum :

25th September 2015.

You should send your completed file to this address : Abstract box  

** Please could you write in the subject :