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Information about "Ile d’Oléron"

par Béatrice Desoudin - 4 février 2012

Gastronomy Marennes-Oléron is known worldwide for its oysters. A must-see is the picturesque fishing port of La Cotinière celebrated for turbot, lobster, langoustines and sea bass…

Leisure and well being The leading characteristic trait of Oleron Island and the Marennes Basin is the wild landscape which covers 12% of the island which is composed of large forests and a vast amount of marshes. You may choose to walk, cycle or ride a horse across Oléron island from the north to the south and from the east to the west. Discover forests, beaches, swamps.. or local heritage in the Marennes Basin.

Heritage Military constructions have a significant place here also. The military monuments are the Brouage Citadels, the Château d’Oléron Citadel, and Fort Louvois in Bourcefranc. And of course there is also Fort Boyard with its eventful history. This "stone ship" has become internationally famous thanks to a successful television game show.

Numerous Romanesque churches are also present throughout the region. They reveal that Oléron was in a state of turmoil when it became a British territory during the Middle Ages and during the wars of religion when the Protestants and Catholics were fighting. There are almost 110km of bike trails and many, many footpaths in Marennes-Oléron. On foot or by bike, come and enjoy the diversity of the scenery.

More information about this island, please have a look on their website :