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par Béatrice Desoudin - 31 mars 2013

The GDR 2501 was created in January 2002.

A CNRS research network (GDR 2501) has been running in France for eight years, in cooperation with English researchers for the last four years. It linked groups of academics and researchers in Ultrasonic Wave Phenomena with each other, and with industrial research centres and companies. The teams involved focused particularly on the theoretical end of the research spectrum, and include mathematicians, physicists and engineers.

The new Network, which is now a European Research Network (GDRE) entitled « Wave Propagation in Complex Media for Quantitative and Non Destructive Evaluation » aims at giving opportunities for interactions between researchers on the occasion of informal meetings, workshops and colloquia, alternatively in France and in the UK.

The research topics have evolved progressively and are now the following :

- scattering by thin layers and bonding,

- material properties and metamaterials,

- inverse problems and imaging,

- material and contact nonlinearities in acoustics.