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March 22-23, 2012

par Béatrice Desoudin - 24 février 2013

Workshop organized by Stéphane JUNCA, Bernard ROUSSELET

Lab. JAD, Université de Nice Sophia-Antipolis


It is a workshop of the European GDR. In the lines of previous one or two day scientific meetings, this coming workshop will focus on a specific topic of the network. In the present case, it is Nonlinearities in acoustics, specially contact nonlinearities, after those of Paris, Manchester, Bristol, on the same topic.

Scientific committee : Alain Léger, Bruno Lombard, L.M.A. Marseille Organizing committee : Angélique Guitard, Stéphane Junca, Bernard Rousselet, Labo. J.A.D. Nice.


• Cédrix PAYAN : Quantitative linear and nonlinear resonant inspection techniques for characterizing thermal damage in concrete.

• Mourad BENTAHAR : Advances in dynamic behavior of nonlinear mesoscopic materials.

• Anissa MEZIANE : Numerical study of non linear bulk wave interaction at a frictional contact interface. Relation between generation of harmonics and contact interface dynamic.

• Alain LEGER : On the modelling and qualitative properties of the dynamics with unilateral contact.

• Bruno LOMBARD : Interaction of elastic waves with contact nonlinearities.

• Thomas ERNEUX : Friction instabilities with delay.

• Vladislav ALESHIN : Contact mechanics based on Preisach analysis.

• Vincent TOURNAT : Contact acoustic nonlinearities in unconsolidated granular media.

• Hamad HAZIM :Analytical solutions of nonlinear mechanical systems with a unilateral elastic contact - An asymptotic approach.

• Yoshikazu OHARA : Accurate Measurement of Closed Crack Depths Using Subharmonic Phased Array.

• Xavier NOBLIN : Photoelastic study of sound waves in grain packings.

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