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Accueil du site > 04. GDR Workshops > 02. January 2013 - Ultrasonic NDT of bonding, developments and links with mechanics and chemistry

January 16, 2013

par Béatrice Desoudin - 3 mars 2013

Workshop organized by Joseph MOYSAN, Aix-Marseille University, LMA with Claire PRADA, Institut Langevin, Paris and Mike LOWE, Imperial College of London


It is a workshop of the European GDR.


• R. Challis, Nottingham University : NDT of Epoxy Metal to Metal Bonds : Early Work (keynote)

• M. Boustie, R. Ecault, L. Berthe,F. Touchard, F. Pons, L. Chocinski-Arnault, D. Laporte, F. Malaise, M. Arrigoni : Laser Shock Adhesion test for stuck assemblies (keynote)

• A. Ayouch, X. Dieudonné, G. Vaudel, H. Piombini, K. Valle, P. Belleville, P. Ruello, V. Gusev : Evaluation of the adhesion of the nanoparticles interacting via coating molecular layers from the resonance hypersonic spectra of colloidal nanofilms

• J.N. Potter, K. Sapountzi, S.Best, A.J. Croxford, B.W. Drinkwater : Nonlinear acoustic techniques for interface characterisation and damage precursor detection (keynote)

• A. Léger, Ch. Licht : Numerical calculations of bonding problems : changing a thin layer into a surface

• P. Blanloeuil, A. Meziane, C. Bacon : Numerical study of non linear bulk wave interaction at a frictional contact interface. Relation between generation of harmonics and contact interface dynamic.

• A. Baudot, C. Payan, J. Moysan, L. Gay : DAET results on aluminum/epoxy/aluminum samples with variable adhesion

• A.J. Mulholland : The use of the Decomposition of the Time Reversal Operator (DORT) method to detect reduced adhesion

• S. Mezil, N. Chigarev, V. Tournat, V. Gusev : Nonlinear Optoacoustics Method for Crack Detection & Characterization

• J. Jumel : Characterization of bonded joint mechanical behaviour with fracture mechanics tests

• Z. Fan, M. Castaings, M. J. S. Lowe, C. Biateau and P. Fromme : Feature-guided waves for monitoring adhesive shear modulus in bonded stiffeners

• J. Léopoldès and X. Jia : Probing the boundary lubrication in weakly adhered films with shear ultrasound